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Monday, August 5, 2013

Boston Strong...

This has little to do with the marathon bombing, nor giving celebrity to its perpetrators. Let me state that upfront.

Source: Engineering dot com

I couldn't help notice Boston along with Silicon Valley is one of the top Innovation Clusters around the globe. My suspicion is this isn't an all-inclusive list: just a highlight of the "major players." Sobering is the US has only two of the eight clusters. Somewhat frightening is these sites may be where most of our new technological, information system ideas may ultimately come...for the rest of us as consumers and not FROM us as producers.

Meaning: STEM careers may become the narrow apex of a pyramid with a widening base. We may be reaping the whirlwind of our insistence on debated "controversies" of tested theory versus shouted, banal opinions (Climate Change, Big Bang, Higgs Boson, Evolution, Standard Model - the antithesis the shouted, banal opinion). The world is leaving us in the dust...quite literally.

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