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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nano Cupid...

ONLY nerds do this...Smiley

You don't have to be a science lover to be amazed at how they build on such a small scale. First, they put a pattern of microscopic iron "seeds" onto a plate. A blast of heated gas causes a miniature forest of carbon nanotubes to spring up. Each nanotube measures about 20 atoms across and is 99 percent air.

And while love is in the air, both love and the nano-cupid are fragile.

"It's a really fragile structure at this point – blowing on it or touching it would destroy it," said BYU physics professor Robert Davis.

To strengthen both the cupid and other micro-machines, Davis and his colleague Richard Vanfleet coat the nanostructures with metals and other materials. That opens the door to all kinds of uses. A Cupid made of carbon nanotubules: world's tiniest Valentine

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