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Friday, February 9, 2018

Ms. Lisette Titre...

Lisette Titre (Photo: Cindy Charles)

Topics: African Americans, Diaspora, Diversity, Diversity in Science, History, Women in Science

The Computer Animator
Lisette Titre
Senior Character & Special Effects Artist
EA (Electronic Arts

ACG artist and computer animator Lisette Titre has contributed to some of EA’s highest profile games, including Tiger Woods Golf for Nintendo’s Wii, The Simpsons, and Dante’s Inferno.

As a character modeler, Titre takes data from scanned images of characters or real-life individuals and reworks the information to build a 3-D digital sculpture. After the character’s digital skeleton is built, she takes the skeletons and applies computer modeling controls so the fingers will curl, the legs will bend, and the character moves with fluidity.

Titre, who is often the only animator working in-house on her projects, also manages a team of outsourced artists in China, Australia, and Canada. Each team can consist of five to 20 people who work on game titles for as little as one year to as long as four years.

Ms. Lisette Titre, Marcia Wade Talbert, Black Enterprise: Women in STEM

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