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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Physics and Politics...

Rep. Rush Holt, an astrophysicist, was managing a Princeton University lab trying to harness the power of nuclear fusion when he won a seat in Congress in 1998. He ousted the incumbent, in part, by attacking the Republican’s decision to sing a mock lullaby — “Twinkle, Twinkle, Kenneth Starr” — on the House floor in praise of the special prosecutor investigating President Bill Clinton.

Rush Holt Holt’s supporters display bumper stickers that read, “My congressman is a rocket ­scientist.”

* On himself:

"I've always been an unusual member of Congress, partly because of my background, partly because of my approach to problems, partly because of my philosophy of governing. … I have a real commitment to the basic principles of equality and liberty."

* On helping the poor:

"The idea that somehow we had to guard so strongly against misuse of food stamps that we will deny hungry children food is not just hardhearted, it's cruel. … We have to get beyond the mentality in Washington that says we're a poor nation. We are not. We are the wealthiest nation in the world. … We have to get beyond the idea that the role of government is to provide ever more privilege for the already fortunate.

* On climate change:

"This is an urgent problem. … Climate change has to be dealt with by removing our emphasis on fossil fuels. … We are ruining our planet and killing people by the millions. … How do we do it? We have to keep presenting the facts. Presenting the evidence. And confronting those who would deny the evidence until they would deny it no more.

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