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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Reporting Science Part 2...

mage Credit: CNN. Courtesy of Engadget

Conclusion of the interview with Miles O'Brien last Wednesday. Makes you think on what we as an electorate (voting public) should be asking our elected officials to have training in, and not memorized talking points/sermon pieces from donors. One is responsible governance: the other is short-sighted profit motives that could threaten our very survival. You can't spend it, and your heirs can inherit it if the planet's screwed...

In the conclusion of Neil’s interview with veteran science journalist Miles O’Brien, the two discuss the inherent conflict between the goals of true journalism and corporate America. You’ll hear how Miles was finally able to convince CNN that the climate change debate was over, or at least, that both sides were not equivalent from a scientific point of view. He describes going to after CNN fired its entire science and technology division, because “after all, what do we know about the Kardashians.” Learn about the rise of “boutique journalism” in opposition to “Wal-Mart” journalism, and how journalistic integrity is most often found not on network or cable TV, but in family-owned newspapers and non-profits like PBS. Miles also recounts how the use of technology in journalism has evolved over the years, while in the studio, comic co-host Chuck Nice and Neil rip on the overuse of some of that technology, like 3-D holographic reporters in the 2-D medium of TV. Source:

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