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Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Calendar...

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Given time, you may notice the calendar repeats itself quite literally every six years - date and day of the date.

Today, I lost my mother six years ago. I'm currently in the process of moving to another apartment. I've gained appreciation for the expression "tote that barge; lift that bail!" as engineering and science textbooks can be quite hefty!

Staying busy will keep me focused on the task at hand. A few things I'll never forget:

The impressive explosion I made with my chemistry set wasn't enough to discourage me from science. I did notice however, my mother and father made sure to buy erector sets, electronics kits, a microscope, a telescope, tool boxes...i.e., things that couldn't blow up! I also noticed the absence of the chemistry set in about two years.

You can never forget the loss of your parent, no matter how hard you might try. The next day, I saw the reboot of Star Trek: Mr. Spock lost his mother in spectacular fashion. I at least didn't lose my planet to a vengeful Romulan (not much of a spoiler since it's out on DVD).

I don't think its for humans to forget, just remember and honor the sacrifices made to make you successful in wherever you are in life.

For her sacrifices, for her love, I am grateful to have been her son. I will always love her.

I'll be unpacking from the move, so hopefully I'll get back online Monday. Enjoy the following related posts:

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