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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Aliens, Us...

Image Source: Futurism
Topics: Biology, Exobiology, Exoplanets, Futurism, Mars, Space Exploration

What would likely happen is Mars and any interplanetary missions to it and the outer planets would be a one-way trip. Science Fiction shows like The Expanse kind of hit the nail-on-the-head, so to speak. They mention the effect of less than 1 g on humans that lived in say, the asteroid mining belts a few centuries and how Earth's gravity could be as daunting to such beings as Jupiter's would be on us now. The Expanse is a space opera with actual science: momentum, thrust, gravity wells and absolutely not a single warp drive. The Trekkie in me mourns, of course.

This is a good Gedanken (Thought Experiment), but I could see if and when evolution started asserting itself a "Genesis Prime" group on Earth would start a counter assertion to maintain the cosmic "status quo." Think of a few scenes in "Contact" by Carl Sagan.

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