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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


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I shifted my posting schedule as I am currently inundated with tape, packing material and moving boxes: LOTS of moving boxes. I have 50 free boxes from the moving company my wife and I have contracted. I filled seven of my own. Several more to go...

I'm taking a blog break as we make this transition out of New York and back to North Carolina. I am both thrilled and a little nervous, looking at the impressive curriculum vitae's of the graduate faculty.

For the most part, I've updated my online profiles to reflect this change.

I am walking forward into the future, a desire that I could not subsume with substitute goals - either by myself or others. I am moving back to a city and a school I know only nostalgically as an alumni, now as a graduate student. I will now know in the stresses of graduate research, publication; eventually a position in academia the desired outcome. It is a fulfilling of this description:

I will complete my graduate studies in physics concentration: microelectronics/nanoengineering - now back in the semiconductor industry - and teach at the post secondary level at the end of my career in science.

My graduate orientation will be on my 55th birthday, reminding me why I fell into cynically not celebrating my birthday so much, starting at the ripe old age of seven. I realized then as now, school started two days later. I will be excited as well as thankful. I will be home.

This time though I will be excited, and remember the words I gave my adult sons as to why their mother and I are pursuing this goal:

Plan to live your lives. Pursue your visions with vigor. Dream your dreams with boldness. We will all come to an end eventually. Try to live this one life with as few regrets as possible.

"Education is the ‘currency’ of the 21st century." Marianas Variety, I also heard this on the Joe Madison Show, SiriusXM 126.

Moving. Will resume posting 3 July 2017. Posting in the fall and presumably the next four years or so will be understandably impacted by graduate work.

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