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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The "i-bike," the "i-smart-bike," the "i-biped"...heck, I don't know...

"It is best known for its must-have consumer gadgets.

"But now Apple appears to be branching out beyond electronics and has filed a patent for a futuristic ‘smart’ bike.

"The bike, which has not yet been given a name, has a docking station on the handlebars where an iPad or iPhone slots in and connects up to the machinery and sensors to give real-time information to the rider on the screen.

"It also raises the possibility of voice commands to control certain features on the bike, such as changing the gears."

If it petals for us like the segway walks for us, we're all going to start looking like the people on the star ship in Wall-E.

Read more: Apple Files Patent for Futuristic Smart Bike.

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