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Friday, August 20, 2010

Kind of like Tupac, he's still making hits... this case, an impact for his contributions.

Robert Wilson, an accelerator physicist and one of the architects of Fermilab near Chicago, published a paper in 1976 that proposed the usage of superconducting magnets on a large scale in particle accelerators. He dubbed his idea "Energy Doubler/Saver." Theoretically, the doubler/saver would put our more energy than it consumed.

Wilson died in 2000, and in this era of breaking our dependence on fossil fuels, his ideas have resurfaced in a rather timely fashion. However, the caveat is the 30-year-old idea does have it's flaws (like it hasn't been simulated or tested other than his own admitted rough calculations). Call it at this point in the stage of a true "null hypothesis."

Sadly, the darker side is if it works as with any technological advancement, there could be a potential warfare application.

Link: Particle Accelerators Could Work As Power Generators

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