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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Modular Nuclear Reactors

Comment: I do feel we need an alternative to fossil fuel, which the Gulf Oil Disaster clearly illustrates.  The technology to accomplish reactor shrinkage could have useful future applications.  This post is not an endorsement of fissile material nuclear power and its commercial use.  In the nuclear industry's current, non-fusion state, the matter of nuclear waste and where to dispose of it, still needs to be addressed -- Cool Physics

"Billions of dollars in cost overruns, the economic crisis, and technical delays are pushing back the schedules of various large reactors worldwide. In response, the nuclear industry has begun to think smaller than the 1700 MW of power a typical nuclear reactor produces. Modular reactors that generate between 30 MW and 300 MW per module and work in sync with other modules to produce up to 600 MW, the equivalent of an average gas-fired power plant, are on the rise."

Small nuclear reactors raise big hopes Has the climate changed for the nuclear power industry? Modular reactors may open new markets.

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