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Friday, September 10, 2010

2010 Blake Lilly Prize Recipients...

The Blake Lilly Prize recognizes SPS chapters and individuals who make a genuine effort to positively influence the attitudes of school children and the general public about physics. For example, many chapters perform "Physics Circuses," conduct classroom demonstrations, offer tutoring services for grades K-12, or assist with school science fairs. The Blake Lilly Prize is an opportunity for you and your chapter to be publicly recognized for these types of physics outreach efforts.

Inspiration from Richard Feynman:

“Feynman’s real gift may have been that he made physics accessible to students like Blake, who have a compelling interest and commitment, but whose talent lay in diligence and hard, consistent study rather than in super intelligence. Feynman spoke to the ordinary student in Blake about the extraordinary beauty of physics.”

Link to flyer: Blake Lilly Flyer

2010 Blake Lilly Prize Recipients: Hartnell College, Henderson State University, Michigan State University and Utah State University

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