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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Spiderfab is a new concept introduced by NASA and Tethers Unlimited that could change the way that space craft are built in the near future. In theory it will be more efficient to build large structures in space rather than trying to find a launch vehicle large enough to accommodate such an undertaking of this scale. It will also be ideal for a situation in which the exact specifications of the parts needed is not known before liftoff.

Tethers Unlimited was awarded $100,000 to develop the concept of space 3d printing further.

Robert Hoyt, CEO of Tethers Unlimited said, “We’d like someday to be able to have a spacecraft create itself entirely from scratch, but realistically that’s quite a ways out.” ”That’s still science fiction.”

Another private company called Made In Space has been studying the process of using additive manufacturing techniques. They have successfully printed tools in zero gravity. The next step, space.

“3D printing and in-space manufacturing will dramatically change the way we look at space exploration, commercialization, and mission design today.” said Aaron Kemmer, CEO and Co-Founder of MADE IN SPACE. “The possibilities range from building on-demand parts for human missions to building large space habitats that are optimized for space.”

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