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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


PMC stands for "Principle of Maximum Conformality." I'll let you explore it at the article's link.

I am 51 today. And physics is just as exciting to me as it was at 15...or 10...or 5...

"Throughout history, artists and poets, lovers and mystics, have known and written about the 'knowing' that comes from the loss of self - from the state of subjective fusion with the object of knowledge." Evelyn Fox Keller

"The state of feeling which makes one capable of such achievements is akin to that of the religious worshipper or of one who is in love." Albert Einstein

Three theoretical physicists have taken an important step toward eliminating theoretical ambiguities from the staggeringly complicated mathematics used to explore the interactions of quarks, the tiniest known bits of matter inside protons and neutrons, and gluons, the enigmatic particles responsible for keeping them trapped there. Simplifying these calculations can make them easier for other particle theorists to perform and lead to more accurate predictions for experimental particle physicists to test.

The theory describing those interactions is known as quantum chromodynamics (QCD), and is an important component of the Standard Model, the reigning theory of the interactions of subatomic particles.

"An important goal in high energy physics is to make predictions that are as precise as possible," said SLAC theoretical physicist Stan Brodsky. "This makes tests of QCD more rigorous. Most important, if QCD doesn't pass our experimental tests, it could reveal new physics beyond the Standard Model."

SLAC Theorist Helps Sharpen Tests of Fundamental Theory in High Energy Experiments

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