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Monday, May 15, 2017

The Power of Comedy...

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This is not just the power of comedy, it is the arts in particular: acting, miming, music, painting, poetry, sculpture: during the rise of authoritarianism, it is the arts that usually the first to rise up in opposition to tyranny. It is unique that science has left the labs and taken to the streets. STEM adds to it STEAM; we are all part of the nine muses.

The FCC is leading a faux investigation into the late night comedian Stephen Colbert using the bleeped "cock holster," yet apparently silent about the current resident of the country's seat of power using the phrase "grab 'em by the p----" in a Hollywood Access hot mic moment (they'll say he was a candidate then, and it didn't count). The bar for acceptable presidential behavior has obviously been substantially lowered.

Comics in particular, from court jesters, Bill Maher and Jon Stewart have a knack to point out the absurd under the cover of levity. We laugh as we are informed, meanwhile the much maligned mainstream media is always in the hunt for Nielsen Ratings, in a precarious balancing act between financial viability and Constitutional duties.

Some, like Al Franken put down the shtick long enough to run for public office and become effective in the senate, perhaps replacing Ted Kennedy as its "lion."

Democratic republics are not like microwave popcorn: they don't just "work" when you set the timer and walk away. They require a vigilant citizenry and engagement in every election that occurs in your municipality. Otherwise, the horror vacui will be filled by dark money and not in line with the goals of the citizens of a republic.

Whether this one survives is not exactly a laughing matter.

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