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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dropping Science...

Marks the 1,215th post (also, my childhood street address).

Don't panic: I know school's out for summer...and that's the chant from the teachers!Smiley

This is something I've thought about. In the seventies we had School House Rock (you better believe I have this DVD). A lot of great memories: multiplication, science, grammar, government and how it should work. As a teacher, I recall having to compete with the district demands of test prep, video game systems, mobile devices and the latest script-and-drama from reality TV. Rock was the innovation of its day, a way to engage us in passive learning. I can still sign most of the songs and recall things from its lessons (what I don't remember, I can now review in my living room).

This is just another means to engage kids in science, something as a nation we still need to do...

As part of a program created by Columbia professor Christopher Emdin, 10 New York City high school classes have been writing raps as a way to learn about science. The program is called Science Genius, and it sounds like the sort of patronizing pop-culture hijack kids hate more than anything. But when Wu-Tang’s GZA drops by a Bronx classroom to discuss the importance of scientific inquiry, you can see the actual moment when the students realize the program is legit.

Wu-Tang’s GZA Teaches Kids Science With Least-Lame Classroom Rap Ever

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